Independent Opinion Service

Complex, multi-faceted financial decisions are tough to tackle at the best of times. You might be in the process of transitioning out of a leadership role in your family business, or you may have a friend or colleague who’s looking at taking the next step of their retirement and wondering how to get the most out of their assets.
Whether you’re an existing client of ours and you’re considering referring a friend or family member, or you’ve been referred to us by a one of our current clients, our Independent Opinion Service helps you navigate the complexities of managing your wealth.

New Clients

If you’re a friend or colleague of one of our clients and you’d like to talk to us about your financial situation and future goals, click here to schedule a meeting with us and see how we can help you.


Here’s how it works. Just schedule a 15-minute phone call with us and we’ll be in touch to discuss your financial situation, where we’ll get to understand more about how we can add value to you and your family, and address any questions you might have.

A truly independent opinion

As an independent financial advice firm we operate under a strict policy of no alignments and no commissions, and don’t receive incentives of any kind, so you receive advice that comes with no ulterior motives. This is what we mean by being truly independent.

We work with your best interests in mind, so you’re getting advice with the only goal to help you succeed. Therefore, following our conversation one of three things may happen:

After our conversation one of three things may happen:

  1. We believe that you need help, but we don’t specialise in your situation, nor can we add the value you require. In this case we’ll introduce you to another professional that caters to your individual needs, that we believe can assist you.
  2. We believe that you’re on the right track with your current advisors and should stay the course. We won’t waste your time—if we think you don’t need our services, we’ll tell you.
  3. We believe you’re in need of help and we can assist so we’ll schedule a follow-up meeting to provide you our specialist independent opinion.

Existing Clients

If you’re an existing client of ours, and you think a friend or family member could benefit from the same independent advice and support we offer, click here to introduce us to them. An email will be sent to us from you, indicating that you would like to discuss this introduction with us.


    • Enjoy the fruits of working life Joe & James were able to provide me with the impetus to take the next step into retirement which could have been delayed without quality financial advice. Dr. Kevin Adams Self Funded Retiree
    • Professional practice to be admired Joe & James' professional practice is to be admired. They are always there for his clients when needed. They freely pass on their expert knowledge without hard product selling techniques. Dr. Elspeth Mckay Associate Professor
    • Personal advice for complex lives Stephan Independent Advisory took the time to understand our situation & tailor their advice & solutions to our specific needs which, being a business owner, can be quite complex. Paul Marsh - Principal P2 Group - Business Owner
    • Family centered advice We have moved our investments from being a private client with a major bank to Stephan Independent Advisory in 2018. Since this move, we have been surprised at the depth of understanding encountered from Joe and James about our future plans and their ability to comprehend exactly what we wish to achieve. Mr Graham and Mrs Judith McKnight Self Funded Retirees
    • Values aligning with our own Clear, timely and direct responses in all areas of communications are outstanding. Meetings are planned and run efficiently to deliver on all our expectations. The firm’s values align to our own so that trust is readily established. Mr John and Dr Kim Watty Self Funded Retirees

    It’s Never About Money

    Whether you have significant financial resources and question the meaning of success or if you’re wondering whether being that little bit wealthier will make you happier this is the podcast for you.


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